Controlled light transmission. Effective heat reduction. Total blackout. We can give you and your business the solar shading you need to create a comfortable working environment and save energy.

Focus on high quality

We understand that the products used in projects must withstand prolonged and extensive use and we manufacture them accordingly

Assistance to architects

We have expert knowledge on sun protection and can help architects by calculating g-values and suggest fitting products and fabrics

Global suppliers

A wide network of suppliers enables us to engage in solar shading projects in practically any part of the world

Please feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you improve the operational economy, indoor climate and aesthetic appeal of larger facilities

Designed for life

A well-designed solar shading solution can dramatically improve the operating economy of a property, whether it is an office or residential building, hotel, shopping mall or factory plant. The best result is usually achieved when the sun protection is included in the plans from the very beginning. At Markisol we are happy to assist architects and builders with our expertise to incorporate efficient and good-looking shading solution in their constructions already at the planning stage

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