Markisol – Expanded production capacity in Europe

By developing our production methods and increasing the capacity at our European plants, we have not only become more efficient in meeting demands in the European market – the change has also significantly reduced the need for long-distance transports.

We believe that every manufacturing industry has a responsibility to aim for a greener production chain. To this end, we have further developed and streamlined our European factories. With increased textile production and machinery capacity, we are now able to meet the higher demands for a European-based production. Reducing the physical distance between our production and our customers reduces the need for long-distance transports, which means both shorter supply chains and quicker deliveries.

We have provided our factories in Estonia and Poland with expanded capacity. The machine park has been expanded with additional coating machines and rotary printing machines and allows us to control the entire process; from R&D to ready-to-use product. By offering a more localized production, we meet customer demand while at the same time taking a step closer to our goals regarding sustainable production. Through this development, we now have the capacity to accept large-scale orders with swift production lead times.

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There are already new projects in the pipeline soon to be announced.

Markisol productiona factory Polen

Factory in Poland

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