Markisol Holding appoints Tomasz Lemke as CEO of Markisol Holding

Tomasz Lemke takes over with immediate effect, following the tragic news of the death of our founder and CEO Bo Persson. Tomasz has proven good organizational and leadership skills. With more than 18 years of experience as CEO of Markisol International in Poland, he is appreciated by both employees and customers.

“Thank you for your trust. We will work hard with the success of shareholders, families, employees and our customer in mind, cultivating the Markisol DNA instilled in all of us by Bo Persson, who will remain with us forever” says Tomasz Lemke.

Markisol Holding is a Swedish-owned group that operates internationally in sun protection and aluminum die casting. Markisol has its heart in Blekinge and, in addition to Sweden, is also found in Poland, Estonia, Russia, China, the USA and Australia. Markisol Holding with underlying companies has a turnover of approx. 520 million and has approx. 650 employees worldwide.


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Chairman of the board, Mats Johansson 
Phone: +46 709 966 829


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